Santa Monica Venice Christmas Run

'new normal' is my reality place, and each event is a gift and new found pleasure. This past Saturday was classic 'new normal' and so awesome 'first' for me and son Brad that we shared a well-orchestrated team of two, competing in the 38th annual Venice Christmas run - a 5K event that Brad and I ran together while my attentive son - diagnosed last year with stage 1 Parkinsons Disease repeatedly checked back to make sure I was not lost in the crowd. No worries, I consistenly reassured, I am behind you - literally. Running is the only form of execise I have been honestly supported since quitting competive figure skating at some 40 yeares ago. At 61, I am running daily - short runs - and readily accepted Brad's invite to participate in this grand annual Venice California event - albeit - the first offical 'running event' for me and Brad. We finished 800 among the 6000 - a proud moment in our 'new normal.

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