About Monarch

About Monarch

The Monarch Foundation is an athletically oriented self-sustaining 501(c)(3) non-profit organization geared towards creating mutually beneficial corporate partnerships and revenue generating ventures that directly fund cure focused Parkinson’s Disease Research. Together with our partners in coordinated action with our own ventures we aim to “Outpace Parkinson’s” by funding the discovery a cure.

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Our Mission

At Monarch our slogan “Outpacing Parkinson’s” shapes absolutely every action we undertake and every fund we distribute. We believe transparency and knowledge are two fundamental aspects of achieving of that goal.

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Patient Advocacy

Patient advocacy is where we talk about various challenges faced by PD patients and alternative treatments available to them

Athletic Fundraising

We raise money by putting on cool events

Curing Parkinsons

We fund only cure based studies

Our Impact

Monarch’s impact on Parkinson’s Disease and PD patients lies in our dedication to creating a community for PD patients and funding research that searches for a cure. We want to impact people’s lives on a daily basis by providing them with support and information, and we also aim to assist on macro-level in providing monetary backing to those researching a cure for PD.

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Monarch is composed of a light but immensely strong and dedicated crew of five people, who help run the day-to-day operations of the organization.

Brad Hurley
Bhervi Patel
Jeremy Swink
Ian Hurley
Mike Hurley

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